Motherland Cooking Xperience - Valentine's Edition   “A culinary, musical and literary journey to Africa.”  

Learn how to prepare 3 African dishes (3-course dinner), while enjoying live African music, poetry, and storytelling.  


Our cooking class will highlight delicious African dishes:

- Cameroonian stewed greens

- Jollof Rice

- Puff Puff

- Pepper Soup  


Come away with us on this exciting journey to the motherland.  


Tickets are limited! You must Book a spot to attend.  

What you get:  

​3-course meal cooking demo


Live music

Recipes to go


Meet new people

Cooking tips    

Valentine's Cooking Experience Ticket Couples - Feb 14

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Our team:

I am the cook and founder of Motherland Cooking Xperience, a neighborhood favorite based in Caledonia, Michigan. As a child, while helping my mum cook Cameroonian delicacies, she'd share fun memories of her mom and grandma and their recipes. Now being far away from home, I see the importance of passing down this rich heritage to my kids, the next generation, and also new home, Michigan. 


Prior to opening Motherland Cooking Xperience, we've hosted countless private dinners showcasing Africa's rich and diverse culture by pairing food, live music, and drinks using local ingredients in Greater Grand Rapids, MI. We're passionate about cooking, music and showcasing Africa. We will love to show you how to perfect some of the most delicious African dishes.


What makes us unique?

We are the only company that showcases authentic African food paired with live African music, storytelling, and wines for your pleasure in an interactive setting thereby, painting a real picture of Africa’s diversity. Because of our constantly changing line-up of dishes, recipes, acts, and artists, we ensure a unique experience every single time.

We offer a safe space for you to interact with the cooks, artists, ask questions and to get immersed in Africa’s cultural diversity. We also bring African food, music, art, and storytelling into your venue of choice - your home or private venue.

So, come away with us!


We are excited to share these recipes and stories with you.  Our cooks are seasoned cooks from different African countries, each one bringing their own style, stories and history with love.

So, come away with us to Africa!

Motherland Cooking Xperience