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Curator of Cultural Experiences | Cultural Competence Training | African entertainment food paired with wine and music

Why Partner with Us

Brand Awareness

By partnering with us, you will be assured of high-profile exposure and increased brand awareness. These events will be effectively marketed with the potential to reach thousands, both in Michigan and throughout the country.

Community Development

By sponsoring the Motherland House Concerts, you will be promoting cross-cultural integration between a growing African immigrant community and the Michigan community. Your sponsorship would also help with the growth and exposure of young developing artists and talents thus helping them achieve their own American dream or attain financial freedom.


Marketing Opportunities

Your sponsorship will help enhance the cultural diversity of Michigan, by showcasing the multiplicity of cultures across Africa represented in Michigan. Such an endeavor further goes to reinforce the image of your company and Michigan as a diverse, welcoming and vibrant place for young talent and professionals.


Upcoming Events

No events at the moment
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